• Wachtenheim fur mink coat jacket Pearl white
  • Vintage mink Jacket Wachtenheim furs pearl white
  • Vintage mink coat Jacket Wachtenheim furs Los Angeles
  • Vintage mink Jacket Wachtenheim furs coat Los Angeles
  • Vintage mink Jacket Wachtenheim furs coat
  • Vintage mink Jacket Wachtenheim furs monogram
  • Vintage mink coat Jacket Wachtenheim furs Los Angeles

Wachtenheim Furs

1970s Rare Wachtenheim Pearl White Mink Fur Jacket Zip Front Coat



Wachtenheim Furs Los Angeles

Rare vintage fur jacket in pearl white with front zipper.  This mink coat comes from the lovely daughter of the famous actor Reginald Denny - it was purchased it in the late 1960's or early 1970's at Wachtenheim Furs in Los Angeles. Wachtenheim Furs is a unique fur business that doesn't advertise and operates entirely on word of mouth.  The company started in 1947 and they not only have new coats, but they will clean, dye, and/or re-style old fur coats, which I especially like in terms of sustainability.  They have pelts from which designers can choose to create original pieces and they sell a large percentage of their furs to the entertainment industry so costume designers are well aware of the company! The company is still run by the son of the original owner too!

This coat is in pristine condition - a female mink that is incredibly luxurious with Debbie's name embroidered in the beautiful satin lining. The cuffs are gathered and there are side slit pockets - great contemporary style that can be worn today and fit into a modern wardrobe effortlessly! If you are thinking about buying a mink coat, it is important to know who made it to assure authenticity - this company name adds huge value to the piece and would be a wise investment piece.

BUST - fits comfortably up to 36"
HEM circumference   42"
SLEEVES from shoulder seam   22"
LENGTH from nape of neck 26"







Daniel Wachtenheim of Wachtenheim Furs in Los Angeles


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