• Vintage Japanese silk kimono from the 1930s
  • Japanese vintage Kimono late 1930s silk floral Robe
  • Vintage Japanese silk kimono
  • Japanese silk vintage kimono
  • Vintage floral silk Japanese Kimono
  • Floral silk vintage Japanese kimono robe
  • Japanese vintage Kimono late 1930s silk floral Robe

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Japanese vintage Kimono late 1930s silk floral Robe



This kimono was sold to the television show Empire and worn by Cookie Lyon (Taraji P. Henson). Absolutely gorgeous late 30s vintage silk authentic Japanese Kimono robe with beautiful red patterned silk lining.  Excellent condition, will fit up to 42" bust,  and measures 37 inches long.  Wear it as a robe or as a short dress or top!  It is too beautiful to keep at home and you can probably think of a million ways to wear it to your next special event! These Kimonos are such beautiful additions to any wardrobe and the genuine vintage pieces are so different than the copies that are made today. You will love the nice, substantial weight and the richness of the colors.  Elsa Schiaparelli owned so many - she knew what an important element they were to be included in any woman's wardrobe. Make an investment in something that will last and add glamour and depth to your fashion collection!

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